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Universal project sound...bboy breaks, techno elements, dubwise bass, all signalling to the future...Now just Ruxspin and Scandal, UP was initially formed in 2000 as a foursome including Keaton from Usual Suspects and Nitrox. There tunes soon began to smash up dancefloor's including The Craft, Strife and soundsystem banger Haunted Dreams; it wasn’t long before big labels including Renegade Hardware and Virus came calling, and soon after that, the seminal techno D&B classic, Vessel, was delivered for virus. The Universal Project Recordings imprint came soon after with an aim to annihilate dancefloors and spread the sound, and an agenda to bring through like-minded producers from across the globe, big releases came in the shape of Glock, Haunted Dreams, Warboyz, Bleach and Outrun. Ruxspin’s musical quest began as a youth, listening to Hiphop, Ragga and R&B. He later began Djing in 1993 playing hardcore, which evolved into Jungle/Drum & Bass. After years of playing on pirate radios such as Don FM, Scandal FM, etc., he met up with Scandal to begin producing D&B. Scandal began as an engineer in California, listening to a variety of music from grunge to imported UK CDs. After starting a recording course in his hometown of Sacramento, he attended an engineering course at Kingston University, where he met Ruxspin and Keaton. And thats when UP was formed.




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