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Jason and Paul met in 1987 through both living on the Blackbord Leys estate in Oxford and their mutual love of Electro and Hip-Hop. They started to experiment with the studio in 1990, making break-beat Techno fusions. During this time Paul was already DJ-ing, and widely known as "Spinback".

By mid 1991 Jason recorded his first EP - "The Freestyle Fanatic" - under the name of "Q Project ". Then in 1993, Jason recorded the much-acclaimed "Champion Sound" this track went on to be a classic.

At the end of 1994 Jason and Paul had joined forces under the name "The Funky Technicians". In 1995 Jason and Paul started their own label specifically to release their own distinctive musical style, " C.I.A” - Computer Integrated Audio - was born.

Some of their influences are - Marley Marl, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, Goldie, Dave Angel, Tim Westwood, Massive Attack and James Brown.

Jason and Paul’s legion of twelve’s are endless, with releases on C.I.A, Legends, Timeless, Good Looking, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, Metalheadz, Prototype, Hardleaders, Partisan, Reinforced and Industry to name a few – as well as numerous remixes.





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