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A veteran of the Manchester drum and bass scene, DJ Sappo has been mixing since the tender age of 15 and soon began playing out at clubs in and around the city. Self taught, he was driven by a passion for beats and developed a unique style that would become his trademark. Gaining notoriety as a DJ that set dancefloors alight, the desire to become an integral part of the scene grew strong and in 1993 began producing tracks that would be incorporated into sets across the country. With early releases on some of the UK’s most respected labels such as Flex and Intalex, influences ranging from Hip Hop to Detroit Techno and US Garage were revealed. This, together with a deep understanding of technical engineering allowed Sappo to put together some of the most memorable tracks to emerge in the formative years of UK drum n bass including Dopeman, Ding Dong Bass and Wheel Up. After enjoying huge success from his distinctive brand of tunes a gap in the market presented itself and Advisory Records, Sappo’s own label was born as an outlet for the wealth of talent that Manchester housed.

Over recent years as an artist Sappo has sold over 250000 records, both through his own label, and on majors such as world dance, Frontline, Intalex,formation,flex,rinse out,emotif and many others. He has played at venues all over the world ic.usa,germany,france,Dublin,Belgium etc and has achieved success with crowds in every city in England.

The new millennium marked a new era for Sappo and the future looks decidedly bright. With releases on Industry, Frontline, Full Cycle, and a debut on V recordings, he also found time to enjoy outings at Fabric, Movement, Spellbound and many of the largest club nights around, not to mention bookings in Germany and Belgium. Sappo will soon be remixing tunes for Roni Size including the colossal Playtime, and if this were not enough, he has been signed to the colossal Radio 1- 1Xtra as presenter/ mix DJ. A DJ with a true passion for the genre and a genuine talent that has spawned a stream of accolades, Sappo has kept it real since the beginning. Those who don’t already know what this DJ is capable of soon will…




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