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Chris Masson first started DJ’ing around the beginning of ’94, having been brought up on the London pirate vibes of Pulse, Rush and Kool FM. Soon developing a keen ear for beats Chris invested in some Soundlabs, and a selection of vinyl from Pure Groove and Music Power.

It wasn’t long before Chris was making waves, starting the club night Swallow, to satisfy both the demand for his music and his need to push his own particular brand of drum & bass. Chris, along with a couple of friends ran Swallow at WKD in Camden for a year before gracing venues such as Adrenalin Village, Mass, Complex, and Pleasure Rooms. The success of Swallow led to a European tour taking in countries such as Tresor in Germany, and other venues in Slovenia, and Austria; as well as bookings in the UK, including - Bagleys, Groovetech Radio, and Desire

Around ’98, Chris, keen to get further into the music industry took a job at React Music; famous for drum & bass compilations such as Artcore, and The Darkside of Drum & Bass. Keen to grasp the opportunity Chris worked hard developing further compilations for them such as 21st Century Drum & Bass and the Drum & Bass Arena LP. He went on to found Industry Recordings with Ben Sumner; signing tracks from major artists such as Decoder, Total Science, and Konflict. A keen involvement in the industry has furthered Chris’s career as a DJ/producer.

As a producer Chris works with Ben and Max Ringham under both the Narcosis and Highly Skilled monikers. Producing both heavyweight drum & bass tunes such as ‘Fright Night’ and ‘Escape Route’ as well as 2-step breakbeat such as ‘The Bug’ for MSB and ‘Brain Fade’ for Illegal Frequencies.




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