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HoldTight (a.k.a. Nick Hill, Danny Combes, James Davis & Ben Sumner) are one of the fast rising stars of the liquid D&B scene. 2003 saw the release of their first four tracks for Industry and React, to phenomenal response. ‘Dirty Habits’ and ‘9 2 5’ have been championed by a number of top DJ’s and were selected by both J-Majik and Andy C to feature on the Fabric 12 and Nightlife mix CD’s respectively. ‘Fever’ also appears on the massive D&B Arena V.2 album on vinyl, CD and the DVD. Renegade Recordings soon picked up on the HoldTight vibe after label boss Clayton Hines heard them perform at The END; signing ‘Girl Next Door’ and ‘Be Strong’ for a 12” on Renegade Recordings, before going on to put out a HoldTight EP. This also then led to them signing a number of other tracks for Renegade and more dancefloor material to there sister label Trouble On Vinyl. Since then they have gone to release material on Advanced, Nu:Directions, Rubiks, Bounce UK, and Trouble On Vinyl; as well remixing for Hospital, React and Titan Records. They also mixed the Renegades of Funk 3 mix CD for Renegade Recordings.

Each member of HoldTight brings something different to the table; Danny is a world class bongo player and a grade 8 drummer, Nick plays numerous instruments but is mainly a keyboard and guitar player who is a classically trained having studied at Goldsmiths. James is D&B fanatic as well as an expert in beats and the art of the Virus synth , whilst Ben (Killa B) has been DJ’ing for ten years as well as being heavily involved in the D&B scene. The sum total of these parts is a musical force to be reckoned with.

They are getting support for tunes from the likes of Bryan G, Andy C, Marcus Intalex, J-Majik, D-Kay, Calibre and many more key players.

Ben (as Killa B) has DJ’d all over the place; he’s held residencies at 333, The Fridge, Plastic People and more, as well as having played at major events such as Miami’s Winter Music Conference, the Sola Luna festival in Greece, and Progression Sessions as well as a variety of events around Europe. He has also done corporate work with 55DSL (Diesel), Osiris and FCUK including a European tour; and has DJ’d alongside big names such as Grooverider, Craze, J-Majik, LTJ Bukem, Adam F, Ed Rush to name just a few. Ben has two mix CD’s out (21st Century D&B 2 and 3) which have sold over 10,000 each and is now running his fourth label in the form of Industry. HoldTight have appeared on numerous internet radio stations including Pyrotechnics, Ministry of Sound, Interface; and have performed around the UK at events such as Metropolis, Rubiks Cube, Detonate and D&B Arena.

HoldTight are an exciting new outfit spanning the whole spectrum of D&B from soulful liquid beats to the heavy stuff; they represent all styles, and can cater for any audience D&B or otherwise. Watchout for the forthcoming double album on Industry Recordings.




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