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The Sultan of Sickness, Dylan needs no introduction when it comes to drum & bass. The past few years have seen this top DJ and Producer go from absolute strength to strength, not only producing consistently, but consistently good; proving him to be, without a doubt, one of the hottest talents in the scene.

Dylan began back in the Electro era buying records and mixing them up on a couple of budget turntables, He then followed the music and studied all the different genres, evolving from Electro to Hip Hop to House and finally, his life…Drum n’ Bass! Taking the obvious first step, Dylan played on the London pirate radio scene with long time friend B Key for many years. His shows were legendary, with exclusive track selections and plenty of added humour to keep the listeners entertained (…Dylan is definitely known as the prankster to his friends!). Dylan decided to turn his twisted mind to the production side of things, scraping the money together for his first studio set up, and started to master the sampler and computer with B Key. They would spend every hour possible getting to grips with the equipment, and soon had some tracks complete - which they played to Danny Breaks. This lead to the debut releases of Kosmos “Tighten Up” and ”Liquid Beats”. By then, Dylan had definitely caught the bug and hasn’t looked back since. He has continued to produce killer after killer including the anthem “Need You” with Ink, The“Inferno EP,Dominion and Penitentiary to name a few. Releasing on renown labels such as Metalheadz,Renegade Hardware, Outbreak, Cylon, Timeless, Moving Shadow, Droppin’ Science, Architecture, Musica, Biotic, XXX and has collaborated with a slew of top producers in the scene including Technical Itch, Friction,Paradox, as well as his own projects ‘Faith in Chaos’ alongside Robyn Chaos, and ‘The Four Horsemen’ together with Loxy, Keaton, and Ink.

This past year has been a very busy one for Mr Dylan, with the conception of his first solely owned label “Freak Recordings” responsible for some of the years hottest releases such as Knowledge Award winner Dkay’s “Be There 4 U” and “Martians” as well as Mason featuring Armanni Reign and Sharpness MC “Ruff Rugged and Raw”. 2004 also sees Dylan taking his place among the mighty soldiers of the legendary Metalheadz imprint with tracks “Metaphor” and “Lost Dreams” an honour for someone so consistently inspired by the label’s releases over the years. Dylan and Robyn Chaos (Anger Management) also started up the now internationally renown “Therapy Session’s” in London’s Shoreditch, East End, without a doubt providing some of the deadliest mid week line-ups a junglist could ever wish for (for a price so reasonable, it’s practically theft!).

From his residency at the Renegade Hardware nights at The End in Central London, to across the U.S., South Africa, All over Europe, Puerto Rico and, of course, the U.K., Dylan’s djing has been consistently crippling dancefloors for years. His style ranges from demented darkness to ghetto funk, always retaining those trademark hard-driving, solid beats. The first releases from Freak Recordings twisted sister label “Obscene Recordings” and “Intasounds” (Alongside 1Xtra’s Bailey) already have the drum and bass public in a frenzy! After the rock and roll exploits of the XXX 29 date US “Technical Freaks” Tour earlier this year alongside partner in grime Technical Itch, and the WMC live show with Faith In Chaos in Miami, 2004 will see Dylan signing new exciting international talent for his labels, releasing the Technical Freaks Album in late May, producing more sickness himself, and of course DJing solidly all over the World.





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