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Currently based in Hove on the South Coast of the UK, cortex produces drum and bass that you will probably define using the terms "tech" or "neuro" (if you must.....). The main focus for 2006 is production output and for the time being it is unlikely that you will find cortex behind a set of technics. However from 2004 - 2005 his weekly show was broadcast every saturday night on london town's finest pirate radio station: the one and only RUDE FM 88.2. During 2005 and 2006 cortex was resident at the hugely popular TEKTONIX party held at the Dragon Bar in hoxton, playing alongside other up and coming faces such as Impact (revolution) and Squire (dnaudio) and many of the other Rude FM djs at the time. Since his first release on Research Recordings (Mainline b/w Defection : RSH003 - 2005), a collaboration with Prolix (Renegade Hardware / Ganja-Tek), Cortex tracks have been snapped up first by Industry Recordings (Rupture) and subsequently Full Force Recordings (Exposure). In 2006 the Cerebral Productions collective was born. This collective will showcase collaborations between Cortex and other artists. The debut track is Exposure, signed to Full Force and forthcoming during 2006.




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