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The brainchild of master producer Ed Moris, Citizen were a live drum & bass band made up of Roxy Harris on drums, Elliot on vocals, Tom Resistance on bass, and Ed on keys and sampler type stuff. Citizen had a number of releases between 2000 and 2003 on the now defunct Federation Records as well as 2 releases on Hospital, as well as Aspect, Industry and Composite Records. They also performed live at Cargo, Sola Luna (Greece) as well as a number of venues around the UK.

Roxy Harris has gone to work the likes of Omar and Vanessa Mae, whilst Elliot has recorded for Basement Jaxx amongst numerous projects, Tom has released tracks with Emotif and still produces D&B under the Resistance moniker. Ed Moris is now working for the mighty Delicious Digital production house as chief engineer and writer/producer writing music for Television and Radio.




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